Bring Freshness To Your Life




There are times during the day when we start feeling quite hungry. Usually that time we tend to snack on anything that will satisfy our hunger. Some of us will snack on potato chips, chocolates, lollies, biscuits, etc. As soon we use these snacks to satisfy our hunger, it may become a daily habit and we will be adding those unnecessary bad calories to our body. Some of these products are loaded with salt and sugar (simple carbohydrates). Also companies of packaged foods are smart and they tend to add addictive flavors to these foods, so we may re-consume them very often.

Why not have your fridge loaded with fresh fruits. Fruits such as water melon, melon, grapes, oranges are rich in water, fiber and Vitamin C. Eating these fruits during afternoon and before dinner definitely takes that hunger away. These fruits tend to fill our body with water and fiber, thus making us feel less hungry. A bowl of water melon in the evening may make you full enough to skip dinner. Also we can use these fruits while reading, watching movies, at work or during any other activity during which we tend to snack more.

The advantage of consuming fresh fruits for snacking helps us to maintain our energy levels, fight bad cholesterol, keep blood sugar and blood pressure normal, as well as helps us to achieve those difficult weight loss goals.