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Keeping In Control Of Your Diet


Many of us diet every year to loose extra kilos/pounds that we have gained, for not being in control of our diet. Some of us even diet twice a year or more and others diet every now and then. We all diet for majority of reasons – getting a six pack before the summer, getting fit before a competition, travelling abroad, beach party, etc. But do we all get the desired results? With so much information out there and various diet plans available from the best nutritionists, we still fail to get the desired results. Most of us have tried various diet plans, detox programs and yet unable to achieve the desired results. Well let me get to the point-‘dieting is not easy’.  There is a lot more to it than following the program.

The program is a great first step but not everything. These programs are designed using thorough research and years of experience. The people who may have followed various diet programs will know that all diet plans are not the same. In terms of food, one diet plan includes something that the other diet plan restricts. One diet plan will allow chicken and other will allow lean beef. The reason these diet plans are different is because, the nutritionists know your weakness. They design it so you don’t fail, and they give you best alternatives for sticking to your plan. If bread is your weakness, they will recommend you wholemeal with extra fiber. If you can’t live without beef, they will recommend you lean beef but only during the day.

So why do we fail?

1. Lack of Patience –  Most of us lack patience. We want to achieve results way to quickly. Due to lack of timely results we tend to  give up.

2. Munching every now and then – The time between lunch and dinner is the time when most of us starve the most. Picking up a cookie, m&m’s, chocolate bar when we are not supposed to, is quite common. We end up gaining those calories back, that we burnt during the day.

3. Badly defined goals – Goals are long-term and way too big. Some of us plan to diet for an entire year and follow the same program. In the end we loose motivation.

4. Letting things get out of hand – Some days we have parties and birthday dinners to attend, so we eat what we want rather than what we should. Many dieters make this mistake of falling in trap of peer pressure and let themselves use the excuse of birthday dinner.

How to take control and achieve those results?

1. Discipline – Its very important to discipline yourself. Dieting is a hard process and achieving the results take time and patience. Its very important to keep ourselves calm and to stay focused on the goal. One way to do that is divide our goal in small targets. For example if you want to loose 5 kilograms by the end of the month, your target can be losing 1.2 kilograms every week.

2. Knowing the products in your house – If you are starting a program, make sure you remove all the junk food such as potato chips, salty nuts, popcorn packs, chocolate bars, ice-cream, soft drinks, etc. Do not consume a whole lot of canned foods. Many canned foods are loaded with excessive salts(sodium, potassium). Load your shelf with bananas, quick oats, tuna, etc and your fridge with apples, oranges, pears, etc. Its much more healthier to munch on fruits than candy. Drink plenty of water, liquids between lunch and dinner. More water in the belly will trigger the brain that you are less hungry. Drinking coffee and tea in the evening can also take that hunger drive away for some time.

3. Treat yourself – Its always a good decision to treat yourself if you have achieved a goal. An occasional treat doesn’t make you hate dieting. If you have earned it, you deserve it. However don’t keep a pack of cookies or chocolates at home, else you will treat yourself more than often and way too much. Its a good idea to go buy chocolate from outside or treat yourself with a cookie at a coffee bar.

4. Start with five – Make goals that are attainable and can be foreseen. Making a goal of losing 15 kg’s in a month is very hard, start with 5 kg’s. If you lose 5 kg’s in 20 days, add extra 2 more to the goal and vice-verse if you loose 2 kg’s in 20 days, reduce your goal to 3 kg’s.

5. Planning your night outs – If you know you are going out for dinner, go to a restaurant that offers food relevant to your program. Many restaurants offer online menus, so browsing over the internet is a great option. You can also give the restaurant a call and ask the kind of menu they have. At birthday dinner you can stick with more grilled and roasted options, rather than fried. If your dish has chips as side try to switch them with salad. If you will be drinking, keep it to a glass of wine where possible. It has less calories than spirits and cocktails. You have to keep your will strong, as birthday dinners can be a great deal breaker.

6. Exercise – Doesn’t matter what it is whether dancing, jogging, swimming, aerobics, yoga or any other physical activity, they always make you feel good. They help to burn those extra calories and help you to get to your goal faster. You can also switch your exercise routine so it does not become boring. If you go for a run one day, go for dancing or swimming the other day.

Always think about your goal when you are dieting. If its getting away from you, try think about what will be it be like to achieve it. This attitude will always keep you in line. Example: Try imagine yourself with six packs on the beach. Once you achieve it go for a beach holiday to show what you have achieved. Nothing will make you feel better.

Good luck to all the fellow dieters.

Keep fresh and stay healthy.



I am a health conscious person. Enjoy doing thorough research on healthy food, diet and tips.

5 thoughts on “Keeping In Control Of Your Diet

  1. Very well written!! Most of us usually do the mistakes you have highlighted. For me the biggest problem is the weekly NightOuts where I tend go go out of control. Switching to healthier options or reducing high calories cocktail is a challenge. I shall definitely try these tips 😊


    • Keeping in control can always be challenging. One of the great things I have learnt is that if you are tempted to break out of your planned diet, think about your goal. Imagine yourself, the feeling you would have to reach that goal. Imagine yourself with those six packs and people admiring it. How good you will feel telling your friends that you actually achieved it and showing off.

      Keep fresh and stay healthy 🙂


  2. Hi Sarah,

    Hope you are having a pleasant day. Yes it happens to most of us that we aim for big in short period of time. With such busy schedules, it makes so hard for most of us achieve those goals. Hence I always encourage to start slow and be flexible with your plan. You can still have the same goal, but its better we analyse our results overtime and realign our plan to goals. A good way is to divide your goals into milestones or sub-goals, then track them on daily/weekly basis. This can provide you an approximate timeline of your ultimate goal. Some weeks you may loose more and other weeks you may loose less.

    In regards to the chocolate, its a well recommended recipe. Making fresh chocolate is like visiting a chocolate factory. The smell is irresistible.

    Keep in tune for our other posts yet to follow.

    Stay fresh and Heathy 🙂


  3. This is encouraging to me. I usually start with a goal that is too large. It is nice to hear someone encourage 5 pounds and to focus on healthy eating! I also read about the chocolate. I couldn’t resist!


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